The Pie Dude


Picture of myself

The Pie Dude is a California native who grew up on the beaches of San Diego County.  Grammie's cherry pie set me on a life long love of pie.  I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pie has become an avocation, some would say an addiction for me.  When traveling I always seek out local diners or cafes where I might find some freshly baked delights.  I also enjoy reading about pie--cookbooks certainly, but also books about the history or sociology of pie.  To me, pie is more than just a tasty dessert.  In pie we can find a story about who we are as Americans.  Hyperbole?  Maybe.  You be the judge.

This website is currently under development.  Look for improvements in the near future.

The Pie Dude

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                                                                                                      Phioto courtesy of Milwaukee Journal Senitnel
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